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Brokers and agents

receive the most powerful national real estate productivity app, powered by your MLS data.

Listings appear

on Homesnap, the industry backed alternative to Zillow and Realtor.com, which follows Fair Display Guidelines.

Free leads

sent directly to brokers and agents, keeping them at the center of real estate transactions.

Consumers can connect

with brokers and agents in a trustworthy home search environment without third party ads or misleading content.

Over 240 MLSs

with more than one millions agents have launched Homesnap.

The BPP is governed

by leading MLS executives and brokers to ensure that your leads and your data are protected.

Public-facing website

solutions that can be customized for your MLS.

Protect the future

of the industry. The BPP is giving control back to real estate experts instead of advertising salespeople.